Federal Civil Evidence Laminated Chart

Analyze any civil evidence issue through an easy and intuitive flowchart approach that takes you step by step through the logic of introducing testimony or exhibits.

This flowchart guide is designed to take you step by step through the logic of introducing evidence in a civil case in federal court.

  • “Step One” introduces preliminary considerations such as the phases of trial, evidentiary shortcuts and the concept of “opening the door.”
  • “Step Two” prompts you to consider the purpose for introducing evidence i.e. its relevancy and materiality or its use for impeachment.
  • “Step Three” turns to a consideration of evidentiary principles barring otherwise admissible evidence; namely, prejudice concerns and privilege.
  • Finally, in “Step Four,” your attention will turn to the mechanics of introducing evidence by laying the necessary foundation or predicate.

This is a physical laminated chart that we will post to you for a one-time price of $5.00.

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